70 year old gets a new lease of life after being successfully operated for a tumour

Patient Name : Hurmatbi M. Sharif Khalifa
Resident : Mumbai
Date : Feb 16, 2016
Diagnosis : Diagnosed with a tumor on the left side of the head
Doctor Team : Neuro Surgeons
Doctors Name : Dr. Prasanna Patankar | Dr. Shashank Joshi | Dr. Pramod Mishra

~Hurmatbi M. Sharif Khalifa was diagnosed with a tumor on the left side of the head (spread from front to back). Weighed 130 grams and looked the size of a cricket ball~

Mumbai, 16th February 2016: –A team of Neuro Surgeons led by Dr. Prasanna Patankar and Shashank Joshi and Anaesthetists – Dr. Pramod Mishra with Team at SRV Hospital, Goregoan successfully performed an elaborate and complicated Craniotomy and excision of ball size tumor removal surgery on 70 year old Hurmatbi.

Hurmatbi M. Sharif Khalifa lived in Mumbai and had a past history of Fits, uncontrollable and involuntary hand movement. She was paralysed from the right side and could not move around much without support. Her hand would not move beyond a certain degree. It was diagnosed to have a Tumour in Brain. Due to the tumor on the left side of the head, she could not even talk as it was pressing in that area.

On the eve of the surgery, the family could feel the pressure and were very nervous as they had lost another family member during an operation and were not ready to face another tragedy. Hopes and prayers kept the family together and affirmative.

Dr. Prasanna Patankar, Neurosurgeon, SRV Hospital Says “Hurmatbi was shifted to the operation theatre and the surgery that approximately takes 8 hours, took just 3 hours with no complications. It was a successful operation. The challenge was that the benign tumour was at the base of the left side of the skull and was displacing the brain. The size being compared to that of a cricket ball approximately weighed 130 grams.”

“Since the hospital had all the recent technology with neurosurgical microscope and specialized micro instruments coupled with eminent neurosurgeons, the procedure was done with a lot of ease.” Added Dr. Shashank Joshi, Neurosurgeon at SRV Hospital.

After the surgery, the patient was woken up by Dr. Pramod Mishra and his team. “She opened her eyes and responded to everything that was asked to her”, said Dr. Mishra. The family was so delighted when they met her and when she shook her hands and attempted to speak, composure overcame all anxiety.

With proper physiotherapy and nursing Hurmatbi was able to sit and move her right hand right up to her chest and could move her right leg too.

Her family was relieved and very happy with the services they received at the hospital. “Doctors were very professional and kind. They understood the nerve of the family and explained everything so well”, said one family member. With all comfort and nursing care provided by the hospital, the patient is recovering soon.